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EcoStrategic - Coastal, Marine and Environmental Services


EcoStrategic - Diver
EcoStrategic - Chem Tanker
EcoStrategic - Bounty Island
EcoStrategic - Oil Spil Cleanup
EcoStrategic - Mangrove Delta
EcoStrategic - Sunset Rig
EcoStrategic - Fishing Cages
EcoStrategic - dredge dump
EcoStrategic - Fish Mass
EcoStrategic - Port Cranes
EcoStrategic - Lagoon Bungalows
EcoStrategic - Ocean Life

Value through versatility

EcoStrategic provides consulting services in integrated coastal and oceans management as well as general environmental management. We have experience in all parts of the world and specialist capabilities in the following areas:

  • Sustainable marine industries
    • Sustainable ports

    • Green shipping (brochure)

    • Deep sea mining (brochure)

    • Dredging and sea dumping

    • Offshore oil and gas

    • Coastal and marine tourism

    • Fisheries & aquaculture

    • Climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • Incident preparedness & response
    • Maritime risk assessments

    • Shipping incident and pollution response

    • Scientific and environmental support for ship groundings and salvage 

    • Marine resource damage assessments

    • Marine pollution contingency planning and training

  • Oceans Governance & Law of the Sea
    • Maritime Conventions, IMO affairs and Law of the Sea

    • Legislative drafting

    • Regulatory compliance advice & support

  • Marine bio-security
    • Introduced marine pests prevention and control

    • Ships' ballast water control and management

  • International development assistance
    • Project design and development

    • Project implementation and management

    • Monitoring, evaluation and review

  • Strategic corporate advice and support
    • Corporate environmental polices and strategies

    • Corporate sustainability reporting

    • Environmental management systems

  • Major and minor environmental projects and processes
    • Environmental impact assessments

    • Environmental management & monitoring plans

    • Regulatory compliance, permits and approvals

    • Technical reviews and audits

  • Expert witness services
    • Marine science and environmental support for legal cases

    • Maritime Conventions and Law of the Sea

    • Arbitration support

  • Scientific field services
    • Scientific & technical diving

    • Marine operations and logistics support to field expeditions

    • Scientific surveys and film production

  • Facilitation services
    • Chairing, facilitating and moderating

    • Negotiations, meetings, conferences & workshops

In providing these services, EcoStrategic has adopted a flexible business model based on independent partnerships and tailor-made project teams, rather than building a large staff of its own (Partners).